PMZ International

Internationalizing Footwear Brands

What is the ultimate evolution of Footwear Production?


There are only a few ways a shoe  factory can evolve. With the proper planning, strategy and  tactics shoe factories can grow beyond normal expectation.
I have recognized 3 stages to footwear  production evolution and can work with you to achieve long term  success. It’s easy to recognize where your  factory is on this timeline.  

What’s not so easy is to move you  from one stage to the next.

In fact it may be that you haven’t  maximized your business at your current stage and cannot move  on….quite yet!     

  • If you answer YES to any the following  questions,  click on the contact link and ask for more  information.
    Do you want to build your business?With a strong foundation ?
  • With growth in the direction you want ?In the product that you want ?
  • In the markets that you want ?
  • And so the profits are yours ?

How it works?

  • We  must come to a complete understanding of the needs and wants of your  company and its’ products and services, and your role in what may  become our working relationship.
  • I  must also know your level of investment in time, personnel, and money  as well as your short and long term goals. 

A World of Opportunities or a World of Pain?

  • The  cost of entering the global market can be high or low. 
  • The rewards  can be high, low or non-existent. 
  • How can you control your costs  while maximizing your long term potential? 
  • NIKE knows how. 
  • Skechers  knows how. 
  • Christian Louboutin knows how. 
  • Li-Ning knows how. 
  • It’s  all part of the evolution process.