PMZ International

Internationalizing Footwear Brands

Importers and Wholesalers


There is growth in a mature marketplace.

  • You  can find complimentary businesses.
  • Risk  can be minimized.
  • You  can synergize rather than cannibalize.
  • There  can be internal growth that has gone unrecognized.

Becoming a distributor for international brands.

  • Do  you have the credentials?
  • How  will you explain who you are and what you do? And sell yourself?
  • I  know great opportunities exist. It’s just a matter of digging them  out and matching them to your needs and abilities.
  • Create  your own opportunity.Your  home ground is familiar to you but unknown and foreign to others. 

Licensor or Licensee

  • Can  you be a licensor rather than a licensee? 
  • Would you like to receive  royalties rather than pay them?
  • Where  does licensing fit in your business evolution.
  • Licensing  can be your most profitable and best long term strategy. 

Can any of YOUR brands go GLOBAL.

  • Do  you have the tools to take your brand to the next step?
  • Can  you recognize your internal strengths?
  •  Some  markets are more accessible than others.
  •  There are markets that are easy to enter, but hard to be  successful in.
  •  There  are markets that are hard to enter but easy to be successful in.